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What is Responsive Design?

The Responsive Design (English Responsive Design ; to Respond : react) is a design approach that suggests that it must adapt to the environment and user behavior.

In the field of Web Design and Digital Product Development , the practice of Responsive Design eliminates the need to upgrade site , software, and App versions to every new device launch.

The practice consists of a mixture of grids , layout , fonts and flexible images integrated into an intelligent code. When the user changes from his laptop to his cell phone, for example, the site must adapt to the new resolution. In other words: a website must have the technology to automatically react to user preferences.

It is a concept that, if implemented correctly, considerably improves the experience on any device and platform. With Responsive Design you can create personalized solutions for each person, be it on an old computer or a newly launched smartphone .

Responsive digital products create unique experiences and the application of this concept in projects is increasingly essential.