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How to Choose the Best Hosting for Your Website

If you have a website or blog with lots of hits you need a good server. Investing in infrastructure is essential to growing your website as a business, so choosing the hosting service is so important.

The Perfect Hosting for Your Website

Shared hosting

Services like Locaweb ,  UolHost  or Dreamhost  offer shared hosting and can already be satisfactory depending on your need. They are suitable for small businesses, professionals and personal websites who wish to have an institutional web page and personalized email accounts. For these cases we use Dreamhost  in our products and clients.

However, if your business grows and you need scalability, it’s good to start thinking about keeping dedicated servers.

The shared hosting works with servers hosting several clients simultaneously. This even varies according to the policies of each hosting, but generally a single server is used for hundreds of websites. When one of these sites receives a high number of visits or uses memory beyond normal, it compromises the performance of all others.

The best hosting services in cost / benefit

VPS Hosting with Digital Ocean Droplets

As your business grows, you may begin to consider migrating to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). We know that in Brazil the servers cost much more than in other countries; here we use the services of Digital Ocean  for VPS quite often. With less than $ 20 / month we can build a very high performance infrastructure for web products and cost-benefit is one of the best in the market.

Cloud Hosting Amazon EC2

The  Amazon Web Servers  opened a data center and now offers all of its services hosting and cloud here in brazilian lands. With the presence of this datacenter  we have an excellent hosting service Amazon EC2 , which counts with an excellent response time. On the one hand, you will solve all your problems and it is the best return on investment, but on the other hand, you will need more qualified people or a specialized company to manage and support this service. 

Advantages of dedicated hosting

  • Safe.  Your sites will be in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Virtual Private Server (VPS). You decide which instances (data storage blocks on the server) are exposed to the Internet and which ones remain private. This ensures that you decide between what only you and your company will have access to and what is left open for the public to access.
  • Accessible. You pay a very low rate for what you actually use. On demand instances allow you to pay for computing power per hour with no long-term commitments. This exempts you from the costs and complexity of planning, acquiring, and maintaining hardware, and turns what are typically large fixed costs into much smaller variable costs.
  • Flexible. You can choose various types of instances or droplets, operating systems, and software packages. Both  Amazon and Digital Ocean allow you to configure one or more machines the way you want, and you can customize the memory, CPU, storage and size for your business.
  • Fast. Cloud hosting  allows you to increase or decrease capacity in minutes, not hours or days. It is possible to commission one, hundreds or even thousands of server instances simultaneously. Of course, because everything is managed with a good administrative interface and API services, your server can automatically expand or shrink depending on the needs of your tool.

Who uses Amazon Web Services

The service is used by a plethora of great web products like Netflix, Autodesk, Foursquare, Pinterest and Spotify. Big companies also opt for the stability of the web service Amazon: Adobe, Nokia and GE are one of the giants that use the EC2 hosting service . See the complete list in their portfolio .

How to improve my hosting service?

Most startups or digital products start with a small user base and a small memory and server demand. The great thing about working with Amazon Web Services right from the start is that it can be perfectly scalable and keeps up with your startup growth , even if it has explosive, viral overnight growth.

When seeking us to take care of the health of websites and systems, migrating to a hosting service like this is always a natural step in the evolution of a web product. A good service is one that ensures all the privacy of your data, ease of maintenance, agile resolution of problems, freedom and speed of service.