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3 Interfaces Design Trends for 2019

UX, CX, UI … The year went by and the acronym for intelligent web design was increasing. The UI is a term used to designate the medium through which the user will interact with your site or application. In good Portuguese, it is the user interface, and we use it for everything that is visible to the people on your platform.

Be the format of the menu, the layout of a presentation page, the way the photos appear in an application … Everything the user interacts with is the UI account. UX – we’ve explained a lot how it works and you can read more about  clicking here  – is the area that is concerned with promoting a good user experience, since the UI is the visible part of the platform, and will focus more on creating a medium that provides this interaction in the best way to extend the user experience. UX and UI go hand in hand, but they are different areas that need specific professionals for project success.

UI is one of the key points when building platforms with high conversion and adherence, and it is responsible for bringing out all the “invisible” efforts of building UX and other on-platform programming. Sites, applications and interfaces that are user-friendly convert better and win more people not only because they have good functionality but mainly because of usability .

And it’s been thinking about staying current that we’ve separated for you some trends that we’ve been following in terms of design and aesthetics in recent years, like new features that appeared timid in the marketplace in 2018 but which are now showing they’ve come to stay.

# 1 Typography with storytelling:

Tell to charm, and tell in a beautiful way to engage. The ability to tell good stories will be a differential of companies that want to excel in the market, and the use of typographies, combined with the construction of an interesting visual hierarchy, will be a determining factor.

Copywriting along with the interface design in synergy with the story to be told will be the elements that will bring many positive results, either by capturing the attention of its users or by creating connections with the story told.

# 2 Transitions and Motion with CSS:

Already very popular in 2018, these visuals gain even more prominence in 2019, especially if we think of micro-animations. They are ways to help the user identify with what interact within the platform and capture a positive feeling for their beauty and playful nature.

Onboarding Flow by Sal for Weebly

# 3 Colors, gradients, and overlapping effects:

Effects that blend colors, formats and typography in an elegant and natural way, capturing more attention from the user and adding a greater interest to the content. These techniques demonstrate care in their creation and bring the possibility of working with elements of neuro programming from colors and application of Gestalt techniques .

Duotones, gradients and an open composition style. Via Bruno Pego

We also have to bring an honorable mention for the techniques of 3D, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, which have been prowling for several years in the most diverse platforms and companies and walking to take a bigger space in the next 5 years. By 2016 it seemed to be impossible in terms of affordability and graphics, but today we have products and techniques increasingly accessible to bring into the expanding business that are interested in innovating their interfaces.

Innovation is the mother of good business and knowing how to bring new ways to communicate your services, ideas and products to customers is one of the most accurate ways to gain more audience.